So everyone I don't know but have fallen in lurv with over the internet has a tumblr and this seemed the best way to see what they are up to. And I'll reblog some of my favs. I guess. Maybe

Stephen Fry Kinetic Typography - Language

Because I recently read an article about how Zach Braff’s latest movie title, “Wish I was Here,” is incorrect I decided to post this for all to see.

Love your language as you would your body and use it to the best of your ability. You can always get better, too, but that is no reason not to make the best of the level you are at now.

So just finished watching Doctor Who “The Girl Who Waited” and it pretty much encapsulates why I hate Matt Smith’s Doctor Who. There is no good reason for The Doctor to make Rory choose. I feel like Eccleston’s Doctor would have locked Amy out because he would have known it was right and would have accepted Rory and Amy’s scorn because it was the right thing to do. Tennant’s Doctor would have made the choice to save Rory’s humanity, that thing the 11th Doctor idealized so much and that Rory had in spades. The thing that makes Rory Rory is that he would do anything for Amy and the second you make him, in essence, kill an Amy you lessen Rory just a little.

And why does the Smith Doctor do it? I can’t see a single legitimate reason. In my mind it comes down to two possibilities:

1. The Doctor wanted to teach Rory a life lesson, the most obvious lesson being what Rory actually suggests and that the Doctor wants him to be more like him. But why? The Doctor, especially in series 5 and 6 knows how awful it can be to be The Doctor.

2. The Doctor doesn’t want to have to choose. Besides the fact that this makes no narrative sense as the Doctor seems to have pretty clearly made his choice it is also just a super dick thing to do, again, for no good reason. Look, the Doctor has done a lot of dick things on the show but they have a reason.

And I know all of these problems are with the writers and show runners, which is a shame because there is a lot that Moffat did for the tone of the show which I love, I just didn’t like his Doctor.

"It’s Friday I’m in Love"

So it’s Friday and I am in love. Not that I wasn’t in love Monday through Thursday but it always seems different on Friday. I probably won’t even see the person I love today so it’s not like that is it. 

I think it is just what Friday represents. It is the end of all of the obligations of the week that have been impressed on me by others and now it is my time. In reality I actually have more that I have to do at home this weekend than I did all week but it is the symbol of Friday that is important.

So… what is everyone up to this weekend?

So it may be because I haven’t got my prescription refiled yet or maybe it is because today would have, ya know, been my 7th wedding anniversary (if I was still married and all) but I have developed a new foreign policy based on Doctor Who: “You never interfere in the affairs of other peoples or planets [countries]… unless there’s children crying.” (new series 5 episode 2). This of course brought to mind The West Wing rejoinder of why should we send our kids [troops] into a burning building [country]? “Because those are someone’s kids too.” 

And yeah, I hate politics on tumblr, or any social media, more than just about anything else, and maybe someday I will get into that. But to any of my 3 followers I have bothered/offended with my uber lefty stance I apologize. Tomorrow I will be medicated and bitter and probably perfectly content to watch the world burn just as long as I can have a Scotch and cigar as it happens and will not mention governments here again…

until next year maybe…

And because I’m sharing I also spent all weekend crying at the sappiest, most manipulative episodes of Disney channel TV shows my daughter was watching.