So everyone I don't know but have fallen in lurv with over the internet has a tumblr and this seemed the best way to see what they are up to. And I'll reblog some of my favs. I guess. Maybe
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James Foley


I was away from the big screen for an hour, and when I sat back down, all five of my Twitter columns were dotted with “don’t look for the video” or “don’t look at the photos” or, in a few places, “I apologise for linking ISIS propaganda.” All this amid the empathy spill around the disgusting Ferguson situation and a few outliers bitching about Twitter surfacing favourites from people you don’t…

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Hard week for so many. .. I suppose it is always a hard week dor someone somewhere

  • So I am in a mood today (what mood is that I do not know. Somewhere between frustrated, self-righteous and ready to go home), but I was wondering when do you stop following someone? I guess in my experience there is generally that one post that just totally changes my perception of an entire blog. And I kinda hate it. There was one tumblr that I thought was hilarious but then... The Post. Not just the typical "this is my political/religious/ideological take on the world" but the "How can anyone ever think differently than me!" post. The Post. Sure, I saw the signs and knew I might not get along with this person in real life but their tumblr was still hilarious. Except for now it wasn't so much. And those innocent little comments that may have been funny before were now just indicators of the most obnoxious person I have ever imagined (because it was nothing more than and imagining). And like every relationship, real or fictitious, it was time to call it. We just had too little in common. We wanted different things out of blogging and they just couldn't give me what I needed. Oh sure, sometimes I still think of the tumblr fondly. Occasionally I will check back in to see what they are up to but then I realize all of the things that made me end it in the first place.

  • And you?

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Female Thor? Seriously? What's next, are you going to create a black Iron Man or reveal that Rogue's mother is transgender?



Yeah, because those ideas would be horrible! Can’t we go back to the days when everybody in comics was a white dude (except for a few girls who swooned and fell over a lot)?

Also, black Iron Man? 1982.


…and before that, even, in 1969!